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Announcing Jesse Desorcy's debut solo release, EIGHTY-FIVE SHARP

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Hey guys,

We hope you’ve had a chance to give Something Golden a listen. We’ve loved the feedback so far and are looking forward to dropping our next single in the coming weeks. Keep an ear out for a drop date!

Haven’t heard it yet? Stream Something Golden now.

In other news:

Jesse has been hard at work writing and recording his first solo release. Having been granted an advance copy, believe us when we tell you this is going to blow your socks off.

Comprised of 6 cross-genre acoustic tracks, EIGHTY-FIVE SHARP is Jesse’s introduction as a solo artist and singer/songwriter. Recorded/engineered/produced by Alex LaCroix. Mixed/mastered by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios. We’re going to leave it up to Jesse to give it a proper introduction, but guys, get excited.

Dropping everywhere on Friday, 3/26. You can pre-save EIGHTY-FIVE SHARP on Spotify right now.

That art though.

We’ve got to give huge props to Rob Briggs of The Northern Roots for designing this amazing cover. You can follow Rob at Dark Hollow Screen Printing, and catch The Northern Roots with Back Rhodes live at Countryfest at Tamarack Lodge this Memorial Day weekend.

That's all. Until next time.

Take care,

- Back Rhodes

A silhouette of a dove is centered with text Jesse Desorcy, eighty-five sharp is in all caps below

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